Introducing "Tänk Om" a shot film made entirely in 24h for the N00Maraton competition.

9.00Am, saturday morning on the 4th of September we recieved the guidelines: One Theme, Three locations, Three things and off we went to make our story. We finsihed the film 7.00 AM next morning and we worked non stop all day and all night. It was a very educational and fun experience and now we wait to see if we win.

One Theme: Omstart (restart)

Three locations: Utanför en box, park, Trappa (Outside a box, park, staircase)

Three items: Fluga, Flagga, fil

(Bowtie/fly, flag, Yoghurt/polisher)
*In Swedish the words can have several meanings.*


Albin Karlén - Cinemtographer etc.

Aramis Silvereke - Composer

Magnus Mikander - Boom & Sound editing

Hugo Lundgren - Sound Mixing

Victor Lenas Jacobsson - Actor etc.

Jeanett Espedal - Actor etc.

Our team "Popcornen" won the Stockholm honorary award for our film "Tänk Om" ("what if") at the Noomaraton competition. This was one of the three winners from the Stockholm region. On September 4th, Jeanett and the team started and finished a short film in only 24h. This with the guidelines from the NooMaraton competition.

Three locations, Three items and one Theme.

We have now won a check for 30 000 Swedish kroners to rent film eqipment for our upcoming project! We are to thirlled and excited about this recognition and also the future project thaks to NooMaraton and this win!

Watch the 5 min Film - Here

Watch the recut 7 min - Here