She is in the pre-productions fase of "Turnpike" her first feature film productions under the JE Productions name. She is the writer, producer, will direct and act in this 1930´s period film.

This Norwegian actress moved to Sweden with her family at the age of eleven and at only fifteen years old she followed her dreams and moved to the capital of Sweden to pursue her love for dance at Kulturama. She received a Diploma for 'Outstanding Esthetic Performences'. She manages jazz, lyrical jazz, contemporary, ballet, hip hop, commercial and more. It was through dancing for music videos that Jeanett fell into film making and acting.

She took an acting program in Hollywood, Los Angeles called CGTV the year of 2015 and got training within On-camera technique, Improvisation, Cold-reading technique, monologue, commercial, film and scene study and a lot more! She got 9 callbacks from LA based Agents and managers after a showcase at Acme theatre.

At the age of six she started working as a mannequin for children clothes and has now worked for brands like Lóreal Paris since she held the titel Miss Glossy 2015 and appeard in the ads for Miss Glossy Products, she has sang for Disney & Disney Channel among others, danced for a Warner Bros upcoming series for Viaplay, acted in commerciald for brands like Volvo, Försvarsmakten (Military) Sweden, NetOnNet, Deichmann and both acted and danced in musicvideos for big artist around the world like Mohombi, Arif, Linda Pira and the like.

She is also a voice Over actress with a recommendations letter from Online Voics where she is registered as a voice talent. She has done several VO, ADR, IVR and storytelling voice over jobs since sevreal years back. Not only for Online voice but several companies around the world in the three languages she speaks fluently.

With the love for film in focus we strive to deliver the best and truly original art work to the screen. With our current film "Pizza Boy" recently accepted to Cannes Short Film Corner and our first project "Erosion" which premiered in Los Angeles October 21st 2017 at NewFilmMakers FilmFestival and got second place in the following Audience Award, we got one step closer to just that. "Erosion" also was screened in Norway at Amandus Open. We now have high hopes for the ongoing project "Turnpike". The upcoming feature film already have big name like costume designer Lars Wallin attached to it is currently in pre-productions with the goal of beging shot during 2021.

CEO - Director, Producer, writer and actress Jeanett Espedal has worked with art and film for many years whilst the 'Productions' was added to the logo in 2015. Despite her young age she is determined to make an impression with her personal vision.

JeanettEspedal Productions is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden with project developments in both Sweden and Norway. Our goal is to connect each project to a charity and do as much good as we can through our art.

We are excited towards the journey of productions that will hopefully affect and live forever. Our motto is what ever you are going through "Put It Into Your Art"

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Acting is her main priority along side her creativity towards screenwriting, producing and directing but to be able to combine her other talents in her choice of work as an actress, such as dancing and singing is the dream she is now pursuing.

Jeanett is a Norwegian actress, producer, screenwriter and now director who recently started her own production company JeanettEspedal (JE) Productions and has got several projects lined up in both Norway and Sweden. Among those are "Pizza Boy" which recently got accepted to Cannes Short Film Corner, "Erosion" which is an official Selection at NewFilmMakers Festival Los Angeles and screened in Norway at Amandus Open. Jeanett is fluent in Norwegian, Swedish and English and therefore writes in all three languages.

JeanettEspedal Production

Her current film "Pizza Boy" is Jeanett's directorial debut which she also wrote, produced, financed and starred in with a shared leading role. The film will be sent to festivals around the world and later displayed online. View more details about the film and process on IMDB, here on the website or on her instagram accounts.

Jeanett Espedal