A pizza delivery boy has a night to deliver 500 Dollars worth of pizza or he will loose his job and his little brother in the process. However his first costumer Jenny has got a different agenda for him.



* Jeanett Espedal - Jenny

* Victor Lenas Jacobsson - Vince

* Moltas Palm Steneroth - Theodor

* Rikard Svensson - Manager

* Archer Irvwin Krantz - Mark

* Ivar Grahn - Woody

*Mats Holmsen - Producer on film set

* Marga Pettersson - Assistant on film set


• Director, Writer, Producer - Jeanett Espedal

• Co-Producer, executive Producer - Victor Lenas Jacobsson

• Cinematographer - Haris Mlivic

• Colorist - Martin Steinberg

• Composer - Henrik Lindström

• Sound Technichian Kristoffer Andersson, Stellan Särlefalk

• Gaffer - Joel Sundqvist

Sound Mixing - Felix Mollberger, Magnus Mikander

• Trailer score composer - Andreas Gyllström

• Trailer Editor - Jeanett Espedal

• Cover edit - Isabelle Alsén

Pizza Boy

Pizza Boy is directed, produced and written by Jeanett herself and she also plays one of the lead roles. The shortfilm is now being edited and will soon be available online. Many thanks to the cast and crew who made this film possible.

Se full cast and crew below


Pizza Boy was shot in 5 days i Stockohlm in English speaking dialogue on a very limited budget of only 21 000 swedish kroners, all payed by the lead actors themselves. The film will be sent to festvials and later released online.

This short film is a drama with hints of comedy written with a critical point of view for the society we live in today.

This is also Jeanett´s directorial debut.