"So many beautiful and inspiring movies here at #Amandus2018

Iā€™m excited to hear reactions about our shortfilm, Erosion.

and if you missed it You can se it here:




Jeanett wrote about the festival experience on Facebook and instagram after the screening of Erosion.

"Amanda's OPEN is being tested for the first time in 2018, and is a competition open to filmmakers from around the world. The criterion is that the filmmakers should be undecided and under 26 years, with a makeshift of 30 minutes. The competition has films from seven different countries this year." - Amandus Film Festival


Erosion on the big screen in Lillehammar, Norway šŸ‡³šŸ‡“ #Amandus2018

Thanx to @amandusfestivalen for having us first of all and also for creating a place for young film makers to showcase our products and for putting the important issues in the spotlights such as equality and strong female characters.


If you missed it at the


click Here to watch it.


Amandus Film Festival is

one of three festivals in

Norway which is protected

the royal family,

her royal highness

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