• Director/Cowriter/Editor/Grading @ChristofferGlans - Constant Production

• Producer,Writer @jeanettespedal - JeanettEspedal Productions

• Executive producer @victorlenasjacobsson

• Cinematographer Andres Rignell - @Andres_Rignell

• Focus puller Fredrika Öberg - @Fredrikadika

• Sound Technichian Anders Ryding Hallin

• Composer Fredrik Arvidsson - @fredrilcarlsimon

• Makup Artist Linn Söderling - @linnsoderling

• sound Mix Henrik Lindström - @Henrik_cinetunemusic

Original Story By Jeanett Espedal

Erosion shortfilm is now competing in the Audience Award 2018 and you can se and Vote by clicking here. Erosion premiered in October 2017 at NewFilmMakers in los Angeles and You can watch the interview with producer, writer, actress Jeanett Espedal Here.

we want to Thank NFMLA for choosing us and putting us in this position.

(This competition has closed. erosion got second place in the audience award 2018 Big Thanks to those who voted for Erosion)


The story about a young girls struggle to find a piece of mind in a relationship where she finds her self being eroded by the words and actions of her love intrest.


Produced and filmed in Stockholm, Sweden 2016. Premiered at NewFilmMakers in Los Angeles October 21st 2017 and was shot on one day in one location for only 20 000 SEK (2000 Dollars).









* Jeanett Espedal - HER

* Victor Lenas Jacobsson - HIM